the time i spent on that clock tower was real.
i'll never forget today's sunset.
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11th-Dec-2016 04:23 pm - holiday cards 2k16
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im approximately a hundred years late but im also gonna be sending holiday cards out this year! they might arrive a lil late... but hey they'll still come!!

just leave your name, address, favorite color, and optionally your favorite pokemon! if you don't have a fave pokemon you can tell me your favorite animal and i'll send u a thing ;o

29th-Apr-2014 09:22 am - [tcg] [community profile] himitsu_tcg
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manda / level 2 / count 156 / value 186 / join 4/29



high priority

low priority








current ► not trading!
future ► i'm somewhat lenient with these cards; you can try asking for them if you have one of my current decks, but even then i might refuse.
trading ► super lenient on these! even if you don't have a card i want, just link me to your post and i'll choose something from your trade pile.

logs here!
10th-Aug-2013 09:56 pm - [tcg] [community profile] astrology_tcg logs
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joined! received bard10, cirque19, crossroads18, goblin02, mute09, onecheek15, pills04, punchies18, punchies19, and qunari15.

trade! traded cirque19 for [personal profile] kues's braces10.
special! received buer16 and crush13 for suggesting the death currency image.
join bonus! received cinema04, fire06, pixie12, skydoll19, tea15, and member card.
3rd-Aug-2013 07:50 pm - [tcg] [community profile] pairings_tcg logs
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joined! received foxmask02, lawful01, maid04, moonmagic02, moonmagic06, puppet05, starmagic06, starmagic09, taurus10, and thunderbolt10.

release post! received aoitori02, bicycle10, daru10, endoscopy10, escort03, fantail07, iwant02, vicious03, and videogames06 for June.
join bonus! received evangel06, prankster03, and member card.
game! received axe03, firemage09, meruru10, priestess06, veggies02, woodpecker01, a love letter, and a purple potion from Puzzle Chain 12.
game! received bell02, bungeegum03, camellia04, kousoku09, lightstone07, oni06, robattle04, vacation10, and two love letters from Games Festival 05.
trade! traded escort03, maid04, vicious03, and member card for [personal profile] barda's drums03, endoscopy01, four02, and member card (trade count: 004).
trade! traded aoitori02, iwant02, and member card for [personal profile] fuchsian's blitzace05, parttime02, and member card (trade count: 007).

trade! traded lawful01 and member card for [personal profile] unlocks's keyblade02 and member card (trade count: 009).
trade! traded four02, meruru10, and member card for [personal profile] moes's endoscopy05, pacifist10, and member card (trade count: 012).
trade! traded bicycle10, daru10, and member card for [personal profile] needles's destiny09, isis08, and member card (trade count: 015).
trade! traded robattle04 and member card for [personal profile] netbug009's pacifist07 and member card (trade count: 017).
game! swapped puppet05 for paramedic08 at Swapping 31.
trade! traded axe03, vacation10, and member card for [personal profile] adurotum's backlace05, keyblade06, and member card (trade count: 020).
trade! traded firemage09, lightstone07, taurus10 and member card for [personal profile] suguro's destiny10, moonmagic01, moonmagic04, and member card (trade count: 024).

trade! traded pacifist10 and member card for [personal profile] yokatta's starmagic08 and member card (trade count: 026).

game! turned in drums03 for ninjutsu06 and summer03 at Simon Says 61.
trading achievement (25)! received ceo06, fate03, and plum06.

trade! traded evangel06 and member card for [personal profile] kyaaa's darkness05 and member card (trade count: 028).
singles' claims! received keyblade04, keyblade05, keyblade06, and tristesse01 for the week of 6/20.
game! received ahoge08, cascade05, and gran06 from Classified Ads 60.

game! received expelled01, galge01, and goodluck09 from Trivia 59.
game! received dog06, jellyfish01, and killer10 from Assemble 14.
trade! traded goodluck09, gran06, and member card for [profile] cureelliot's tristesse05, tristesse10, and member card (trade count: 031).

trade! traded galge01 for [personal profile] needles's reversed03 (trade count: 032).
shop! turned in a purple potion for melodious05, meritocracy07, pizza05, and sklave10.
game! turned in fate03 for sand08 and wandering02 at Simon Says 62.
game! received fishman01, morte02, and passport05 from Date Spots 59.
game! received kyrios04, mamushi05, and sangosho05 from Blind Date 59.

game! received barrier04, revolver02, and sannin04 from OTP Battles 57.

game! received swimming02 and uchuujin04 from Connections 28.
singles' claims! received darkness01, darkness02, destiny03, and destiny07 for the week of 6/27.
game! received endoscopy04, fanalis06, and nyorin06 from Word Search 29.

game! received heritage07, pancakes10, and sniper05 from Date Spots 60.
trade! traded jellyfish01, reversed03, and member card for [personal profile] melloi's backlace08, backlace09, and member card (trade count: 035).
trade! traded fishman01 for [personal profile] netbug009's c-0310 (trade count: 036).

game! received himo06, knit03, okashi04, stonemask10, and tensai02 from Trivia 60.

game! received bento03 and messy01 from Classified Ads 61.
game! received backlace01, couture10, dualblade02, heroic04, mist05, and university04 from Blind Date 60.
game! received apologize01, apparition02, calico02, destiny03, host04, isis05, muscles20, unseen10, an orange potion, and a green potion from Games Festival 06.

game! received inugami08, shy08, and shooter05 from OTP Battles 58.
game! turned in ceo06 for actor06 and amaterasu07 at Simon Says 63.
trade! traded fantail07 and member card for [personal profile] avian's videogames07 and member card (trade count: 038).
game! received script02 and umbrellas09 from Reactions 14.
shop! turned in a green potion and orange potion for aoitori02, clow08, diagnostics05, familiar10, hawk09, magichat10, maschera05, and perfecto05.
release post! received amnesia01, biblical02, bindingrod02, bladedlance02, editor01, manservant02, mongrel08, sakanade06, shoujo14, and shoujo19 for July.
trade! traded amnesia01 and editor01 for [personal profile] needles's bindingrod01 and bladedlance01 (trade count: 040).
trade! traded sakanade06 for [personal profile] lanvaldear's titans02 (trade count: 041).
trade! traded veggies02 and member card for [profile] polisemia's starmagic07 and member card (trade count: 043).

trade! traded biblical02 and manservant02 for [personal profile] barda's bindingrod09 and bladedlance02 (trade count: 045).
game! received girlslove06, meatshop07, and professor02 from Guess the Video Game 31.
level up! received evangel10, hamlet02, nurse02, starmagic01, starmagic02, and a green potion.
trade! traded titans02 for [personal profile] fuchsian's rockdove05 (trade count: 046).
game! received mechanics10, moonmagic03, and shinmeiryuu01 from OTP Battles 59.
birthday! received jobs04, prankster09, a blue potion, and a love letter.
referrals! received baseball08, cheshire02, etu02, hammer06, heroic09, home10, klausian10, mari08, moose09, robin09, saru07, and strategist09.
trade! traded inugami08 and member card for [personal profile] teto's priestess10 and member card (trade count: 048).
game! received anchor06, kyrios07, minus01, paramedic03, and quest08 from Date Spots 61.

singles' claims! received flames04, flames08, home01, and home06 for the week of 7/12.
game! turned in melodious05 for azuresea03 and canard01 at Simon Says 64.
shop! turned in a blue potion and green potion for couture04, fake03, moonmagic05, and starmagic03.
game! received chased05 and drag06 from Classified Ads 63.
game! received ceo09, eight07, extreme09, project03, and reliable04 from Word Search 30.
game! received ash05 and six06 from Discussion 31.
trade! traded familiar10 and member card for [personal profile] chianna's blitzace01 and member card (trade count: 050).
game! received aide05, hatter07, and ooparts01 from Trivia 62.
trade! traded bladedlance02 and member card for [personal profile] lanvaldear's jump10 and member card (trade count: 052).
game! received alien05, clover10, complex06, elite02, fireemblem09, gasmask02, machinist03, scarf01, tea01, toy05, and a love letter from Games Festival 07.
trade! traded jump10 for [personal profile] linkjoker's bindingrod03 (trade count: 053).
trade! traded azuresea03 and member card for [personal profile] radria's blitzace03 and member card (trade count: 055).

trading achievement (50)! received grimmoire03, heavyblade09, and normal09.
trade! traded member cards with [personal profile] linkjoker (trade count: 056).
exchange! exchanged muscles20 for starmagic04 and starmagic05.
game! turned in bento03 for earth01 and poison01 at Simon Says 65.
trade! traded canard01, eight07, and foxmask02 for [personal profile] teto's aeon03, graffiti05, and home06 (trade count: 059).
game! received necromancer04, pistols04, protect09, syringe04, tonfas01, a green potion, and a love letter from Puzzle Chain 13.
shop! traded in a green potion and five love letters for bonkotsu08, empress09, starmagic10, moonmagic07, moonmagic08, moonmagic09, and moonmagic10.
trade! traded clow08, quest08, and member card for [personal profile] anesidorian's airhead08, tristesse01, and member card (trade count: 062).
trade! traded shoujo14 and shoujo19 for [personal profile] barda's galge06 and twilight02 (trade count: 064).
trade! traded galge06 and passport05 for [personal profile] moes's graffiti03 and wind04 (trade count: 066).
trade! traded expelled01, gasmask02, and twilight02 for [personal profile] needles's magichat05, memories07, and wind05 (trade count: 069).
game! received crest01 from OTP Battles Round 60.
singles' claims! received darkness03, dualblade01, flames10, and geek10 for the week of 7/19.
trade! traded reliable04 and member card for [personal profile] break's home02 and member card (trade count: 071).
trade! traded barrier04, baseball08, and member card for [personal profile] shiraishi's backlace07, charm09, and member card (trade count: 074).
trade! traded complex06 and member card for [personal profile] skaldadottir's sopheria06 and member card (trade count: 076).
trade! traded heroic01, heroic04, and member card for [personal profile] anotherheaven's chariot07, literary02, and member card (trade count: 079).
trade! traded bonkotsu08 and member card for [personal profile] cautiousardent's amnesic02 and member card (trade count: 081).
trade! traded hawk09, literary02, mechanics10, ooparts01, and moose09 for [personal profile] cureelliott's airwing05, airwing06, airwing09, backlace04, and whip05 (trade count: 086).

trade! traded sniper05 and member card for [personal profile] sujini's keyblade10 and member card (trade count: 088).
trade! traded calico02 and member card for [personal profile] urameshi's champion08 and member card (trade count: 090).
trade! traded sannin04 and member card for [personal profile] sammywhatammy's bindingrod10 and member card (trade count: 092).
trade! traded c-0310, evangel10, shinmeiryuu01, girlslove06, and member card for [personal profile] asuna's aeon09, darkness06, home01, keyblade08, and member card (trade count: 097).
trade! traded saru07 and member card for [personal profile] instrumentality's darkness06 and member card (trade count: 099).
trade! traded diagnostics05 for [personal profile] netbug009's protecting08 (trade count: 100).
trade! traded host04, morte02, tea01, and member card for [personal profile] venachan's aeon08, geek03, relief10, and member card (trade count: 104).
trade! traded amnesic02, maschera05, and member card for [personal profile] ankari's tristesse03, tristesse06, and member card (trade count: 107).
game! received afro07 and perfecto03 from Classified Ads 64.

trade! traded apparition02, mari08, ahoge08, and member card for [personal profile] samichan's keyblade02, tristesse04, tristesse07, and member card (trade count: 111).
trade! traded aide05 and member card for [personal profile] admiral's airwing02 and member card (trade count: 113).
mastery! received chopin08, kage03, keyblade01, keyblade03, romeo04, and a red potion for mastering starmagic/moonmagic.
trade! traded scarf01 and member card for [personal profile] puppydere's chariot08 and member card (trade count: 115).
trade! traded fake03 and member card for [personal profile] wanderlast's blitzace06 and member card (trade count: 117).

trade! traded charm09 and member card for [personal profile] swallowthelake's tristesse10 and member card (trade count: 119).
trade! traded champion08 for [personal profile] anesidorian's evangel03 (trade count: 120).
game! received kailu06, kurogamon09, and niji06 from Date Spots 62.
trade! traded mongrel08 and rockdove05 for [personal profile] avian's parttime08 and zero04 (trade count: 122).
trade! traded professor02 and member card for [personal profile] chaos_cat's chariot05 and member card (trade count: 124).
trade! traded fireemblem09 and member card for [personal profile] lady_paine's flames06 and member card (trade count: 126).
game! received knave04 and leader09 from Matchmaker 63.
trading achievement (75, 100)! received advisor01, arrogant03, forte09, hearts07, turban08, university06, valentine10, and a green potion.
level up! received amazon03, brunhild05, keyblade07, keyblade09, lagann02, and an orange potion.
trade! traded hamlet02, normal06, six06, and shooter05 for [personal profile] chianna's destiny10, flames01, tristesse02, and tristesse10 (trade count: 130).
trade! traded anchor06 and member card for [personal profile] rujubee's airwing01 and member card (trade count: 132).
game! received boots06, part-timer01, and recall10 from Word Search 31.
game! received honoo03, smile04, and 1stanniversary03 from Guess the Video Game 32.
trade! traded etu02 for [personal profile] omokage's tristesse05 (trade count: 133).
gift! received flames04 and rainfell09 from [personal profile] avian.
trade! traded evangel03 for [personal profile] lesyay's flames01 (trade count: 134).

trade! traded camellia04, meritocracy07, and member card for [personal profile] bats's cook08, neptune02, and member card (trade count: 137).
trade! traded afro07, arrogant03, university04, university06, and valentine10 for [personal profile] yokatta's destiny01, destiny06, flames02, home04, and home08 (trade count: 142).
game! received fairy08, heels02, and hyoton10 from OTP Battles 61.
trade! traded lagann02, niji06, and recall10 for [personal profile] cureelliott's magichat07, memories03, and okashi03 (trade count: 145).
trade! traded nurse02 for [personal profile] moes's darkness08 (trade count: 146).

trade! traded member card for [personal profile] lesyay's member card (trade count: 147).
trade! traded apologize01 and member card for [personal profile] inarticulate's medicans03 and member card (trade count: 149).
game! received c-0110, quest05, rappigs05, suna-suna09, and trainers10 from Connections 30.
game! received cr-s0110, swimmer01, and melee15 from Freebies 30.
game! received hentai09 and photon10 from Freebies 31.
game! received roommate02 and skateboard06 from Freebies 32.
game! turned in dog06 for scarlet04 and trusting06 at Simon Says 66.
trade! traded elite02 and member card for [personal profile] poland's keyblade02 and member card (trade count: 151).
trade! traded strategist09 and syringe04 for [personal profile] needles's flames06 and whitehair13 (trade count: 153).
exchange! exchanged 1stanniversary03 for home03 and home05.
trade! traded member card for [personal profile] roserade's member card (trade count: 154).
gift! gave blitzace06 to [personal profile] roserade (trade count: 155).
game! received cruel04 and priest10 from Classified Ads 65.
mastery! received destiny02, destiny04, detached01, guru07, ryuzaki01, and a purple potion for mastering keyblade/home.
deck donation! received chariot09 and maschera02 for donating bindingrod.
deck donation! received prithivi07 and spicy08 for donating bladedlance.
game! received dagger10, swordswoman03, and timid04 from Trivia 64.
shop! exchanged a green potion, an orange potion, and two love letters for avalanche03, home07, home09, lollipop02, manager04, materia09, recruit06, symmetry02, trumpeter09, and zura10.
game! received five08, heir06, and proud04 from Blind Date 62.
trade! traded project03 for [personal profile] moes's keyblade09 (trade count: 156)
game! received daru09, mozzarella10, and trusting05 from Blind Spots 63.
trade! traded honoo03 and member card for [personal profile] shamuon's home03 and member card (trade count: 158).
game! received home10, kuriboh01, and vince07 from Blind Spots 64.
trade! traded shy08 for [personal profile] barda's defense05 (trade count: 159).

trade! traded ash05, oni06, plum06, and script02 for [personal profile] luxios's protecting08, rainfell07, twilight01, and two01 (trade count: 163).
game! received aristrocrat09, axe08, grimmoires07, recite10, seahorse05, shinigami09, windam06, pinkhair13, and two love letters from Games Festival 08.

game! received diligence05 and yareyare08 from Matchmaker 64.
trade! traded medicans03 for [personal profile] lesyay's wings04 (trade count: 164).
trade! traded swordswoman03 and member card for [personal profile] surskit's sopheria04 and member card (trade count: 166).
game! received playboy01 from OTP Battles 62.
game! received cowardly06, four02, and strict10 from Date Spots 65.
trade! traded heir06 and swimmer01 for [personal profile] avian's blazefire06 and whip07 (trade count: 168).
exchange! turned in whitehair13 for destiny05 and destiny08.
trade! traded trainers10 for [personal profile] moes's fashion08 (trade count: 169).
trade! traded fanalis06 for [personal profile] anesidorian's happy05 (trade count: 170).
trade! traded cruel04, daru09, minus01, twilight01, and two01 for [personal profile] needles's academics02, debt10, memories07, patissiere07, and witch08 (trade count: 175).
trade! traded ceo09, woodpecker01, and member card for [personal profile] orangepeels's keyblade03, tristesse09, and member card (trade count: 178).
singles' claims! received airwing08, keyblade01, keyblade04, and tristesse08 for the week of 8/1.

release post! received corporal08, dimension07, founder02, freestyle01, isolation03, maps02, middleeast05, theend02, and nostalgia14 for August.
trade! traded dimension07 for [personal profile] rosa's starseeker04 (trade count: 179).
trade! traded theend02 for [personal profile] barda's starseeker06 (trade count: 180).
trade! traded isolation03 for [personal profile] needles's starseeker02 (trade count: 181).
trade! traded founder02 and quest05 for [personal profile] moes's memories08 and starseeker03 (trade count: 183).
trade! traded maps02 for [personal profile] melloi's starseeker07 (trade count: 184).
trade! traded freestyle01 for [personal profile] lanvaldear's starseeker01 (trade count: 185).
referral! received bachelor03, hachi09, mars06, and shy03.
trade! traded middleeast05 for [personal profile] skaldadottir's starseeker05 (trade count: 186).
mastery! received darkness04, darkness07, dragoon01, parasol01, zombie03, and a pink potion for mastering destiny-tristesse.
shop! received mechanic10, pizza06, singing08, tristesse09, and yankee06 for turning in a love letter and a purple potion.
trade! traded pacifist07 for [personal profile] roserade's starseeker08 (trade count: 187).
game! received revolution02, stubborn05, and varna08 from Blind Date 65.
game! received calico09, reluctant05, and service03 from Guess the Video Game 33.
game! received geek07 from OTP Battles 63.
game! received conviction02, scorpio01, and womanizer01 from Date Spots 66.
trade! traded amazon03 for [personal profile] barda's videogames13 (trade count: 188).
singles' claims! received blazefire03, gangster03, strawberry09, and videogames08 for the week of 8/8.
trade! traded yankee06 and member card for [personal profile] haifisch's treasurer09 and member card (trade count: 190).

game! received endoscopy07 and palmtop04 from Freebies 34.
mini-mastery! received airwing03, burning05, madao04, and tarundoru02 for mastering blush.
trade! traded axe08 and member card for [personal profile] dialga's magichat03 and member card (trade count: 192).

trade! traded calico09, pistols04, and summer03 for [personal profile] anotherheaven's hyrule02, rainfell06, and videogames10 (trade count: 195).
exchange! exchanged service03 for home02 and home04.
shop! received darkness09, darkness10, home08, and home09 for turning in two love letters and a pink potion.
trade! traded conviction02 for [personal profile] needles's keyblade10 (trade count: 196).
game! received diabound05 and paramedic06 from Classified Ads 67.
level up! received guru09, home05, home07, leader02, roar01, and a pink potion.
trade! traded pizza06, toy05, zero04, and member card for [personal profile] redconfession's airwing05, backlace10, blitzace06, and member card (trade count: 200).
game! received cetra10, chronokinetic05, cyborg08, limiters01, soccer10, songbird09, a love letter, and a blue potion from Puzzle Chain 14.
trade! traded heritage07 for [personal profile] orangepeels's whip08 (trade count: 201).

trade! traded couture04, couture10, trusting05, and member card for [personal profile] ets's backlace06, tristesse10, wind09, and member card (trade count: 205).
trading achievement (125, 150, 175, 200)! received aeon09, alchemy04, c-0104, colone10, graffiti06, heal06, nun04, partridge03, rumble01, spacetech08, taurus05, undertaker03, workaholic03, and a red potion.
trade! traded heels02 for [personal profile] omokage's geek01 (trade count: 206).
trade! traded trusting05 and member card for [personal profile] reneetwist's vigilante04 and member card (trade count: 208).
game! received ducttape05, forte04, luck08, lycaon07, medic06, temper05, workaholic02, yato03, and two love letters from Games Festival 09.
trade! traded luck08 for [personal profile] surskit's twinblade04 (trade count: 209).
trade! traded cook08, mechanic10, perfecto03, perfecto05 for [personal profile] netbug009's doujin01, protecting04, protecting06, and tristesse04 (trade count: 213).
trade! traded cetra10, chased05, cyborg08, messy01, robin09, temper05, and uchuujin04 for [personal profile] avian's afro07, clowndrop09, drive01, future08, host04, truth08, and witch06 (trade count: 220).
trade! traded spacetech08 for [personal profile] cureelliott's twilight06 (trade count: 221).
trade! traded aeon06 and revolution02 for [personal profile] portaling's keyblade05 and starseeker05 (trade count: 223).
deck donations! received all-around02, dimension09, extreme10, gambling03, monocle01, robin10, sangosho08, sinbad09, and a love letter for donating fatherly, kritya, starseeker, and timegate.
game! received acrobatic01, agni02, and impassionate07 from Trivia 66.
trade! traded amaterasu07 for [personal profile] danybel's backlace02 (trade count: 224).

trade! traded ducttape05, host04, partridge03, pizza05, and stubborn05 for [personal profile] kyaaa's blazefire01, blazefire03, flames05, graffiti09, and rainfell03 (trade count: 229).
trade! traded member card for [personal profile] portaling's member card (trade count: 230).
game! received alcor06, fullmetal10, and liberate08 from Blind Date 66.
game! received evangel09 from OTP Battles 64.
mastery! received backlace03, foxfire06, geek02, marchenland10, successor07, and a red potion for mastering home/darkness.
trade! traded dragoon01, tonfas01, yato03, and member card for [personal profile] dinos's bindingrod07, blazefire09, chariot04, and member card (trade count: 234).
trade! traded all-around02 and hachi09 for [personal profile] chianna's darkness03 and keyblade08 (trade count: 236).
game! turned in guru07 for eight04 and gangster04 at Simon Says 69.
game! turned in flames08 for cheagle02 and nun05 at Cupid 17.
game! received endoscopy10, pictures03, and stubborn06 from Date Spots 67.
trade! traded vigilante04 for [personal profile] avian's wind05 (trade count: 237).
singles' claims! received protecting09, seven09, wind06, and videogames16 for the week of 8/16.
game! received serve10 and windam03 from Classified Ads 68.

level up! received babyface03, geek04, geek05, kuriboh05, lovestruck05, and a green potion.
game! received monster09, reize03, and pinkhair01 from Freebies 35.
trade! traded evangel09, foxfire06, and limiters01 for [personal profile] asuna's protecting03, protecting07, and rainfell05 (trade count: 240).
trade! traded gangster04, seven09, and twilight06 for [personal profile] needles's fashion06, priestess03, and tristesse02 (trade count: 243).
trade! traded boots06 and member card for [personal profile] kakusei_no_uta's protecting05 and member card (trade count: 245).
trade! traded acrobatic01 for [personal profile] ankari's airwing10 (trade count: 246).
shop! turned in a pink potion, blue potion, and green potion for crow05, geek06, geek08, geek09, keyblade07, and sock05.
trade! traded alchemy04, sinbad09, and pinkhair13 for [personal profile] poland's airwing06, protecting03, and videogames05 (trade count: 249).
trade! traded corporal08 for [personal profile] samichan's nora01 (trade count: 250).

trade! traded lovestruck05 and stubborn06 for [personal profile] moes's cascade06 and endoscopy08 (trade count: 252).
game! received deathscythe05, maddog04, and tags06 from Blind Date 67.
trading achievement (225, 250)! received c-0102, data05, flute04, pilot05, prosecutor07, and yato07.
mastery! received airwing04, airwing07, kensei08, potion03, saru05, and a blue potion for mastering geek/backlace.

game! received eastern10, realian02, and strict10 from trivia 67.
trade! traded fullmetal10 and proud04 for [personal profile] sujini's backlace01 and weird05 (trade count: 252).
trade! traded scarlet04 for [personal profile] anesidorian's twinblade05 (trade count: 253).
game! received hornet07 from OTP Battles 65.
trade! traded prosecutor07, recite10, and symmetry02 for [personal profile] nirilian's flames08, memories04, and sopheria08 (trade count: 256).
game! received future08, hyperion09, and ahoge07 from Guess the Video Game 34.
game! turned in melee16 for bluehair10 and summertime17 from Simon Says 70.
game! received jenova08, tyranny01, and videogames17 from Connections 32.
game! received baton04, orange10, and university01 from Date Spots 68.
trade! traded kuriboh01 and kuriboh05 for [personal profile] unlocks's fashion05 and silent05 (trade count: 258).
singles' claims! received bladerang05, record02, record09, and relief04 for the week of 8/23.
trade! traded kailu06, necromancer04, sklave10, and member card for [personal profile] namikala's ariadne02, cyborg09, sopheria10, and member card (trade count: 262).
trade! traded clowndrop09, knave04, and undertaker03 for [personal profile] venachan's stripes06, twilight05, and weird07 (trade count: 265).
game! received coach08, fireemblem07, four01, jealous03, landgod08, psychopath04, red06, twilight08, shoujo07, shoujo11, and a love letter from Games Festival 10.
exchange! exchanged ahoge07 and bluehair10 for videogames09 and videogames11.

game! received shark03 and tachyon02 from Discussion 34.
game! turned in future08 for engineering08 and pocketwatch06 at Simon Says 71.
game! turned in swimming02 for surgeon07 and wrestler09 at Simon Says 68.
game! received bishamonten09, chariot01, and shirogamon01 from OTP Battles 66.
donations! received doctor06, missmacross04, and tornado08 for donating a set of level banners.
trade! traded four01, neptune02, and member card for [personal profile] beccastareyes's heavyblade03, heavyblade10, and member card (trade count: 268).
trade! traded rumble01 for [personal profile] netbug009's airwing09 (trade count: 269).
trade! traded red06 for [personal profile] yanyan's starseeker09 (trade count: 270).
trade! traded coach08 and reize03 for [personal profile] cureelliott's bladerang01 and memories09 (trade count: 272).
game! received cake01, chevalier01, and greedy05 from Date Spots 69.
event! received backstroke09, blackbird04, delinquent02, elrit01, explosives01, kailu05, lancer01, luna06, prosecutor04, rosary02, thief07, viera05, eyepatches05, girls18, whitehair07, a love letter, a red potion, a pink potion, a blue potion, a green potion, a purple potion, an orange potion, and a crossover mastery coupon for completing the summer special event.

trade! traded honoo03 for [personal profile] beccastareyes's fashion07 (trade count: 273).
trade! traded actor06, bell02, jenova08, and unseen10 for [personal profile] redconfession's poison03, serpent05, serpent10, and tristesse02 (trade count: 277).
trade! traded pocketwatch06 for [personal profile] anesidorian's airwing07 (trade count: 278).
trade! traded leader02 for [personal profile] dinos's videogames03 (trade count: 279).
trade! traded tags06 for [personal profile] omokage's graffiti08 (trade count: 280).
trade! traded wrestler09 and member card for [personal profile] kues's hyrule01 and member card (trade count: 282).
trade! traded parasol01 for [personal profile] truebluespark's memories01 (trade count: 283).
trade! traded backstroke09 for [personal profile] rosa's starseeker09 (trade count: 284).
trade! traded gambling03, lancer01, pilot05, and saru05 for [personal profile] instrumentality's graffiti02, flames09, whip03, and whip04 (trade count: 288).
game! received japan07, reader06, and summertime06 from Classified Ads 70.
shop! received airguitar06, black08, coquette05, defeated08, failure07, helper09, kousoku07, responsibility07, tattoo01, temper05, tenchou10, and whitelamb03 for turning in a green potion, a purple potion, and an orange potion.

singles' claims! received aeon01, conviction09, keyblade06, and nostalgia19 for the week of 9/1.
trade! traded fairy08, romeo04, sand08, and shoujo11 for [personal profile] barda's baseball09, bluebeard08, mechanics10, and prideful05 (trade count: 292).
game! received coquette01, empress10, and saturn01 from Blind Date 69.
game! received kattobing03 and knight09 from Freebies 36.
trade! traded diabound05, forte04, forte09, kensei08, mozzarella10, photon10, shark03, and member card for [personal profile] beezebeora's aeon05, hyrule06, pallet04, triforce03, triforce10, wind01, wind09, and member card (trade count: 300).

trade! traded bluebeard08, knight09, poison03, prideful05, serpent05, and girls18 for [personal profile] melloi's airhead04, ariadne04, darkness07, darkness08, rainfell03, and whip10 (trade count: 306).
trade! traded extreme10, monocle01, priest10, and member card for [personal profile] sleipnir's airwing04, blitzace08, rainfell09, and member card (trade count: 310).
trading achievement (275, 300)! received conqueror10, hotblooded06, ladybug05, mechanic10, popular07, recruit03, treasurer06, and a blue potion.
trade! traded mechanic10 for [personal profile] sujini's isis09 (trade count: 311).

trade! traded japan07 for [personal profile] surskit's airwing08 (trade count: 312).
trade! traded kailu05, windam03, and windam06 for [personal profile] swallowthelake's airwing10, magician09, and rainfell08 (trade count: 315).
trade! traded hyperion09, prosecutor04, seahorse05, serpent10, and member card for [personal profile] nirilian's blazefire01, gambler07, heavyblade05, heavyblade06, and member card (trade count: 320).
exchange! exchanged shoujo07, summertime17, and whitehair07 for bindingrod04, bindingrod05, videogames04, and videogames12.
game! received gurren08, seiyuu08, and hilt09 from Connections 33.
game! received anxious07, bell10, and sunny05 from Assemble 16.
trade! traded failure07 for [personal profile] dinos's protecting01 (trade count: 321).

level up! received aye06, bindingrod06, bindingrod08, fugitive06, special06, and a green potion.
game! received mind05, numbers03, manzai01, and school06 from Guess the Video Game 35.
shop! turned in two red potions for videogames01 and videogames02.
trade! traded saturn01 and member card for [personal profile] majou's robots15 and member card (trade count: 323).
trade! traded dimension09, medic06, and member card for [personal profile] rosa's bindingrod04, flames10, and member card (trade count: 326).
game! received cyanpile01 and russia04 from Classified Ads 71.
trade! traded meatshop07 for [personal profile] beccastareyes's protecting01 (trade count: 327).
game! received 7thheaven09, database05, hyperactive01, lagann07, liar06, manager09, mask08, plague08, poppo06, rain04, titanias10, and a love letter from Games Festival 11.
trade! traded defeated08 for [personal profile] inarticulate's airwing03 (trade count: 328).

game! received aimstalker02, broker02, foolish06, inbit05, morisummer04, and professor08 from Blind Date 70.
trade! traded nun05, soccer10, witch06, witch08, and eyepatches05 for [personal profile] chianna's airwing01, blitzace04, fashion01, graffiti05, and memories10 (trade count: 333).
game! turned in future08 for classmate09 and monkey07 at Simon Says 73.
game! received kiseru03, pharaoh10, and typhoon03 from Trivia 70.
game! received kensei08, martine02, and yukianesa06 from OTP Battles 68.
trade! traded rain04 for [personal profile] dinos's rainfell02 (trade count: 334).
game! received alien02, plumber10, and potion05 from Date Spots 71.
trade! traded alien05 and scorpio01 for [personal profile] eat's darkness02 and dualblade09 (trade count: 336).
trade! traded gambler07 for [personal profile] shiraishi's chariot02 (trade count: 337).
deck donations! received gurren05, japan09, pipe10, softball02, and a love letter for donating chosen and vows.
game! received celestial08, death08, eyeshield02, headphones03, orthopedics01, whiterose01, a love letter, and a pink potion from Puzzle Chain 15.

release post! received bellybutton02, betrayed02, hoodie07, male03, and shounen07 for September.
game! received allmate10 and don07 from Freebies 37.
game! received aristocrat02, bloody05, and rivals02 from Guess the Video Game 36.
game! turned in umbrellas09 for gamer06 and novicechef04 at Simon Says 74.
trade! traded tattoo01 and member card for [personal profile] fall's bladerang10 and member card (trade count: 339).
trade! traded mamushi05 and member card for [personal profile] venicism's weird03 and member card (trade count: 341).
trade! traded bellybutton02 for [personal profile] barda's vows02 (trade count: 342).

trade! traded dagger10, elrit01, hatter07, and member card for [personal profile] swagu's airhead07, cr-s0101, nostalgia20, and member card (trade count: 346).
trade! traded male03 for [personal profile] lesyay's chosen01 (trade count: 347).
game! received minus04, morte08, onmyouji01, onmyouji07, paradise09, phasing09, plumber01, prussia10, ranked06, saru01, spear09, wing03, and a love letter from Games Festival 12.
shop! turned in two red potions and a love letter for videogames14, videogames15, and videogames20.

trade! traded mars06 and member card for [personal profile] vandalized's memories09 and member card (trade count: 349).
trade! traded hoodie07, skateboard06, and member card for [personal profile] fuchsian's keyblade05, pkk07, and member card (trade count: 352).
exchange! exchanged hilt09, manzai01, and summertime06 for flames03, flames07, videogames18, and videogames19.
trade! traded bungeegum03, successor07, and member card for [personal profile] beato's heavyblade07, whip01, and member card (trade count: 355).
mastery! received curiosity03, outside07, secondstage08, tonfas03, nostalgia01, nostalgia02, and a purple potion for mastering videogames.
game! received germany08, happiness05, and harmonious09 from OTP Battles 70.
game! received data02, infinity04, and twohands01 from Date Spots 73.
game! received blackbird04, eight03, and ring07 from Trivia 72.
game! turned in yukianesa06 for amazon06 and rosary08 at Simon Says 75.
game! received nei10 and superficial02 from Classified Ads 74.
game! received bride08, knox03, and sklave01 from Trivia 73.
+1 choice card biweekly! received darkness01 for the week of 9/29.
trade! traded palmtop04 and popular07 for [personal profile] poland's hyrule08 and relief09 (trade count: 357).

trade! traded cake06 and onmyouji01 for [personal profile] namikala's graffiti10 and rainfell04 (trade count: 359).
trade! traded baseball09, guru09, and member card for [personal profile] morningfield's jack01, nora05, and member card (trade count: 362).
trade! traded bloody05, typhoon05, and member card for [personal profile] chuu's cascade04, protecting06, and member card (trade count: 365).
trade! traded deathscythe05, foolish06, and member card for [personal profile] himekohimura's sopheria01, triforce05, and member card (trade count: 368).
trade! traded materia09 for [personal profile] anesidorian's protect03 (trade count: 369).
trade! traded conqueror10 and coquette01 for [personal profile] dialga's jack07 and memories10 (trade count: 371).
trade! traded outside07 for [personal profile] cureelliott's chariot03 (trade count: 372).
singles' claims! received emptiness09, emptiness10, syringe04, and melee16 for the week of 9/29.

trade! traded rosary02 and member card for [personal profile] stag's blazefire07 and member card (trade count: 374).
game! received calming07 and taozi09 from Freebies 38.
game! received boss10, friendly05, parttime02, and quiet09 from OTP Battles 71.
level up! received ariadne01, darkness04, darkness05, leading08, phoenix07, and a pink potion.
trade! traded hyperactive01, liar06, and thief07 for [personal profile] netbug009's pkk01, pkk03, and twinblade07 (trade count: 377).
game! received chased04, ladybug06, and serious04 from Date Spots 74.
game! received calculation03, officer01, and oppai01 from Guess the Videogame 37.
trade! traded ring07 for [personal profile] anotherheaven's flames03 (trade count: 378).

game! turned in twilight08 for haiku08 and protecting03 at Simon Says 76.
game! received darkness10 and shinai06 from Classified Ads 75.
trade! traded varna08 and member card for [personal profile] atashi's fatherly10 and member card (trade count: 380).
shop! turned in two pink potions, a blue potion, a green potion, and a purple potion for actress09, avalanche03, fashion02, fashion04, firetrucks07, gorilla06, graffiti01, graffiti04, lycaon04, protecting02, rainfell01, and serpent09.

game! received colonel05, composer06, daisy02, gangster07, jack04, oracle05, parasol02, parttime08, photon02, twisted08, vacation02, valentine02, and a love letter from Games Festival 13.
game! received chosen02, editor10, keyblade08, nonchalant07, stripes01, thunderbolt01, a love letter, and a blue potion from Puzzle Chain 16.
game! received surf02, temporary03, and tsuruko09 from Trivia 74.
game! received voxaura10 from OTP Battles 72.
game! received crusnik08 and proud02 from Discussions 37.
singles' claims! received blazefire02, blitzace07, priestess04, and tristesse06 for the week of 10/9.
trade! traded knox03 for [personal profile] beato's pacifist07 (trade count: 381).
trade! traded celestial08 and flute04 for [personal profile] dinos's cr-s0109 and fatherly02 (trade count: 383).

trade! traded gangster07 and kurogamon09 for [personal profile] portaling's fatherly01 and rainfell07 (trade count: 385).
trade! traded friendly05, hammer06, and lagann07 for [personal profile] chianna's destiny05, starseeker03, and twinblade10 (trade count: 388).
trade! traded harmonious09, spear09, and surgeon07 for [personal profile] lesyay's ariadne08, fashion09, and protecting02 (trade count: 391).
+1 choice card biweekly! received chariot10 for the week of 10/13.

mastery! received airwing02, brave04, chariot06, crybaby02, darkness09, fashion10, gangster07, gurren05, kid06, multi-size02, pixie05, protecting10, rainfell06, rainfell10, ranked10, raven02, raven08, sannin07, screams07, spear05, tristesse03, tristesse07, tristesse08, starseeker10, wild05, a green potion, a purple potion, an orange potion, and two pink potions for mastering airwing/bindingrod, darkness/keyblade, protecting-rainfell, graffiti/fashion, and tristesse-flames.
trade! traded anxious07 for [personal profile] fuchsian's pacifist06 (trade count: 392).
trade! traded plumber01, plumber10, and member card for [personal profile] truebluespark's twinblade08, whip02, and member card (trade count: 395).
trade! traded shinai06 for [personal profile] venicism's chariot01 (trade count: 396).
trade! traded coquette05 and eyeshield02 for [personal profile] dialga's bindingrod06 and thunderbolt02 (trade count: 398).
game! received powered01 from OTP Battles 73.
game! turned in stonefree01 for aries09 and dualblade04 at Simon Says 77.
game! received anti-social10, detached10, and christmas01 from Guess the Video Game 38.
3rd-Aug-2013 06:59 pm - [tcg] [community profile] colors_tcg logs
hopes: — (pic#4546878)
joined! received bodyguard15, crusnik16, farseer03, honoo04, knightmare20, seasalt02, seasalt07, and values12.
gift! received seasalt05 from [personal profile] needles.
trade! traded values12 for [personal profile] needles's phones20.
release post! received faction19, feral12, judecca20, spacepirate02, speaking03, starter04, throttle15, ulster07, and usagimimi05 for June.
trade! traded judecca20 for [personal profile] fuchsian's heir02.
trade! traded spacepirate02 for [personal profile] barda's gangster05.
trade! traded gangster05 and heir02 for [personal profile] needles's fashion19 and whip02.
trade! traded throttle15 for [personal profile] reneetwist's afro19.

anniversary! received cats18, celebration01, and flare13 from Anniversary Day 1.
anniversary! received celebration08 and seasalt06 from Anniversary Day 8.
anniversary! received celebration11 and a blue crayon from Anniversary Day 11.
game! received bronco18, crane03, curewhite20, godofdeath08, joker20, origami13, and plane10 from Colors Quiz Round 1.
game! received debt10, hikari20, ladyship09, legendary05, manba05, mysterious18, and resentment04 from Colors Quiz Round 2.
trade! traded usagimimi05 for [personal profile] lanvaldear's 8-bit10.
trade! traded faction19 and ladyship09 for [personal profile] aestivalis's summoner02 and zanarkand11.
join bonus! received intention03 and smile19.
trade! traded mysterious18 for [personal profile] crystalweaver's rhythmia13.
trade! traded speaking03 for [personal profile] blood's whip08.
trade! traded afro19 for [personal profile] tothejackals's sopheria08.
trade! traded crane03 for [personal profile] fuchsian's courage08.
trade! traded starter04 for [personal profile] miyoungie's knife12.

game! swapped bronco18 for zanarkand10 and manba05 for sen18 at Switch It Up 72.
anniversary! received celebration04, firefist01, pantheress09, and an orange crayon from Anniversary Day 4.
anniversary! received celebration06 and whip01 from Anniversary Day 6.
trade! traded debt10 and sen18 for [personal profile] nidoking's phones01 and steak14.
anniversary! received celebration16 and spacepirate20 from Anniversary Day 16.
trade! traded crusnik16 for [personal profile] dawn_of_madness's fontech11.
trade! traded smile19 for [personal profile] tempestuously's haicopy19.
trade! traded honoo04 for [personal profile] bridgitkiido's knife08.
trade! traded hikari20 for [personal profile] tempestuously's voidgear17.
trade! traded spacepirate20 for [personal profile] barda's yatagarasu01.
trade! traded legendary05 for [personal profile] truebluespark's phones12.

trade! traded intention03 for [personal profile] muchourin's phones11.
trade! traded ulster07 for [personal profile] corinthian's hod11.
anniversary! received celebration02, corporal09, general12, and windaquario08 from Anniversary Day 2.
anniversary! received celebration07 and knife07 from Anniversary Day 7.
game! received maester10, panda20, verbose07, yellow11, and a red crayon from Beauty Pageant 61.
anniversary! received celebration05, ember01, and megaten14 from Anniversary Day 5.

trade! traded cats18 for [personal profile] grandmaestro's hylia01.
recycled art! received 1801, aimo06, banana07, television18, tiny01, tiny02, tiny03, tiny05, tiny06, and tiny07 for the week of 6/16.
anniversary! received celebration03 and seasalt03 from Anniversary Day 3.
trade! traded feral12 and knightmare20 for [personal profile] paladinsky's emotion09 and lumberjack06.
trade! traded aimo06 for [personal profile] barda's koorime13.

game! swapped origami13 for untouchable09 at Switch It Up 72.
anniversary! received celebration12 and seasalt13 from Anniversary Day 12.
anniversary! received celebration18, knives02, and tauburn08 from Anniversary Day 18.
trade! traded hod11 for [personal profile] beccastareyes's phones02.
art shop! received fullmoon12, kiss15, and a gray crayon for completing a sketchpad.

trade! traded curewhite20 for [personal profile] tempestuously's Sadako08.
anniversary! received alone12 and celebration20 from Anniversary Day 20.
anniversary! received believe13, celebration10, and skydragon05 from Anniversary Day 10.
anniversary! received celebration19, knife01, and seasalt18 from Anniversary Day 19.
game! received combat09, killerbee18, and rain03 from Seiyuu Guess 126.

trade! traded kiss15 for [personal profile] barda's fashion05.
game! received basement20, cyber08, oranges12, submissive17, and a red crayon from Beauty Pageant 62.
trade! traded firefist01 for [personal profile] hurl's steak18.
game! received bite14, demonrose19, ocean08, scar19, solar02, spaz09, and world05 from Colors Quiz Round 3.
anniversary! received celebration09, Knife04, and seasalt04 from Anniversary Day 9.
trade! traded combat09 for [personal profile] tempestuously's orthopedics01.
game! received eight01 and snowfield20 from Pokeradar 149.
game! received frigid14 and peace02 from Conan's Clues 149.
anniversary! received celebration14 and hylia02 from Anniversary Day 14.
trade! traded corporal09, flare13, and sadako08 for [personal profile] truebluespark's littledevil04, paramedic19, and summoner11.
trade! traded littledevil04 for [personal profile] barda's x-scissor01.

trade! traded eight01, joker20, and plane10 for [personal profile] pleonasm's keyblade12, phones14, and steak01.
anniversary! received celebration17, information01, and seasalt19 from Anniversary Day 17.
anniversary! received celebration13, heights04, and sadist19 from Anniversary Day 13.
trade! traded information01 and a red crayon for [personal profile] lanvaldear's paramedic16 and a purple crayon.
trade! traded basement20 for [personal profile] byakkun's 8-bit13.
trade! traded television18 for [personal profile] tempestuously's gramarye03.

trade! traded bite14 and tauburn08 for [personal profile] hurl's courage11 and sopheria02.
trade! traded yatagarasu01 for [personal profile] ankari's tiny13.
level up! received seasalt08, shugo10, valentines10, and a brown crayon.
trade! traded fullmoon12 and shugo10 for [personal profile] secretambition's nightmare06 and whitemage02.

art shop! received moonlight10, yebisu15, and a yellow crayon for completing a sketchbook.
game! received aerialace18 and pureheart12 from Conan's Clues 150.
game! received charismatic01, cold03, curemarch08, and solidscript17 from Crosswords 58.
trade! traded alone12 for [personal profile] tempestuously's oceanwave07.

trade! traded believe13 and koorime13 for [personal profile] anesidorian's cheerful11 and orthopedics16.
trade! traded maester10 for [personal profile] bringthefate's yebisu16.
game! received brown07, counselor04, and stalker09 from Seiyuu Guess 127.
game! received barrettes14, diamonddust07, highspirited16, pluto15, question16, and whiteclown06 from Colors Quiz Round 4.

anniversary! received celebration15 and a green crayon from Anniversary Day 20.
trade! traded aerialace18 for [personal profile] miyoungie's otoko19.
trade! traded stalker09 for [personal profile] needles's tiny18.

trade! traded ember01 and otoko19 for [personal profile] ulquiorrasch's fashion09 and steak05.
game! switched charismatic01 and peace02 for paramedic08 and messiah16 at Switch It Up 73.
recycled art! received Keyblade01, Keyblade05, seasalt20, tiny08, tiny09, tiny11, tiny12, tiny16, tiny17, and tiny20 for the week of 6/23.
game! received conflicted02, kazoku17, lungs06, offense20, and precise14 from Pick a Color 74.
mastery! received Allergen08, Avarice20, Canada11, conflicted19, distant17, drinking04, epsilon09, experiments12, hello17, insomnia06, joker03, lovelorn07, madness01, razril14, sadist14, sand14, sensor16, servant07, suna-suna18, television07, temper11, thunder11, withdrawn19, and a red crayon for mastering celebration.
trade! traded whiteclown06 for [personal profile] anesidorian's paramedic10.
trade! traded insomnia06 for [personal profile] tempestuously's zanarkand18.
trade! traded knives02, rain03, skydragon05, and solidscript17 for [personal profile] hanabichan's burgers10, caduceus02, cr-s0119, and reporter09.

trade! traded reporter09 for [personal profile] glossological's voidgear10.
recycled art! received 1809, answer11, magatama13, mako05, paopufruit09, rainfell18, and voidgear14 for the week of 7/1 (3 left).
art shop! received dum08, seiyuu04, and a yellow crayon for completing a sketchpad.
game! received beastman02, firetornado09, lungs08, and recall03 from Beauty Pageant 63.
special donation! received daisy07, icefairy02, influence05, meister10, and perm08 for adding 25 decks to the database.

gift! gave messiah16 to [personal profile] surskit.
trade! traded megaten14 and world05 for [personal profile] despedia's seasalt01 and seasalt09.
game! received curebeauty08, skirt09, and speed19 from Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 150.
game! received swimmer17 and unlucky02 from Pokeradar 150.
game! received alias20, kind11, and kunoichi08 from Neku's Music Station 151.
game! received bladerang17, childstar12, and president18 from Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 151.
trade! traded dum08 for [personal profile] tempestuously's farseer14.
trade! traded moonlight10 for [personal profile] ivoryandhorn's haven03.

trade! traded haven03 for [personal profile] surskit's sultry15.
gift! gave burgers10 to [personal profile] roserade.
game! received lorelei08 and popular17 from Pokeradar 151.
release post! received absolute01, academy01, anterograde18, champloo19, cleanfreak01, docodemo05, ko08, landgod02, thieves14, and thieves18 for July.
donation! received cureberry20, interested15, resentment19, and a brown crayon for donating a deck.
scrapbook! received foxmagic16, gemstone10, idol01, and a red crayon for donating and suggesting a scrapbook deck.
recycled art! received air01, antisocial17, and leap05 for the week of 7/1.

trade! traded anterograde18 for [personal profile] needles's zanarkand02.
gift! gave air01 to [personal profile] yanyan.
trade! traded ko08 for [personal profile] yanyan's cetra03.
trade! traded absolute01 for [personal profile] fuchsian's quality09.
trade! traded magatama13 for [personal profile] rosa's academy06.
gift! gave cleanfreak01 to [personal profile] surskit.
trade! traded paramedic08 for [personal profile] haifisch's academy04.
trade! traded landgod02 for [personal profile] barda's academy02.
trade! traded leap05 and x-scissor01 for [personal profile] oriaon's caduceus09 and cr-s0102.
gift! gave unlucky02 to [personal profile] makiri.
trade! traded champloo19 for [personal profile] unlocks's keyblade15.
trade! traded resentment19 for [personal profile] pleonasm's academy05.
game! switched kunoichi08 for backlace14 at Switch It Up 74.
trade! traded antisocial17 for [personal profile] moes's academy03.
game! received attached06, eccentric05, glassheart06, luminous15, sickly07, stronger01, and tristan12 from Colors Quiz Round 5.
trade! traded avarice20, demonrose19, drinking04, killerbee18, panda20, pureheart12, and whitemage02 for [personal profile] makoto666's cheerful02, cheerful05, cheerful15, cheerful17, whip09, whip20, and yebisu04.
trade! traded barrettes14 and solar02 for [personal profile] lanvaldear's rhythmia06 and sexfavors09.
trade! traded Television07 for [personal profile] preternatural's Escape17.

trade! traded sickly07 for [personal profile] tempestuously's miracles20.
trade! traded daisy07, sand14, and sensor16 for [personal profile] barda's three brown crayons.
game! received adieu10, mansion16, and nonary17 from Seiyuu Guess 128.
trade! traded servant07 for [personal profile] portaling's nanodesu17.
trade! traded childstar12 for [personal profile] ouo's hairclips07.
referral and birthday! received christianity08, conceited10, shouryuuha12, un-sorcerer14, underworld04, and a blue crayon.
trade! traded Nonary17 for [personal profile] glossological's seasalt16.
trade! traded three red crayons and a blue crayon for [personal profile] admiral's four gray crayons.
game! received ogredemon15, psychiatrist20, seasalt10, and a red crayon for leveling up.
trade! traded meister10 for [personal profile] dreamofpast's academy07.
trade! traded curebeauty08 for [personal profile] tadakatsu's castle11.

trade! traded a blue crayon for [personal profile] lanvaldear's red crayon.
mastery! received academy08, academy09, lemu01, mamushi12, savate11, spiritmagic04, a red crayon, and a blue crayon for mastering seasalt and Tiny.
trade! traded savate11 for [personal profile] mrr's 8-bit11.
trade! traded interested15 for [personal profile] euploeamulciber's minicon18.
art shop! received ambidex15, gaps18, nyoro04, seasalt11, seasalt12, seasalt14, seasalt15, seasalt17, taforashia13, tiny04, tiny10, tiny14, tiny15, tiny19, a yellow crayon, and a gray crayon for completing two sketchpads and turning in five gray crayons and brown crayons.
game! received heal14, hungrywolf08, oni16, and pk13 from Crosswords 59.
trade! traded cold03 for [personal profile] despedia's minicon02.
trade! traded ambidex15 for [personal profile] mllelaurel's docodemo10.

gift! received mini17 from [personal profile] yanyan.
trade! traded miracles20 and question16 for [personal profile] keiichiism's magical16 and zanarkand19.
trade! traded spiritmagic04 for [personal profile] muchourin's academy10.
trade! traded cureberry20 and recall03 for [personal profile] skitty's magical02 and skyjack12.
trade! traded curemarch08 for [personal profile] ceesoo's farseer12.
game! switched heights04 for orthopedics09 at Switch It Up 74.
game! received 1stchild13, flirtatious15, footloose17, haiku08, kamatari06, orthopedics15, and useless18 from Colors Quiz Round 6.
trade! traded taforashia13 for [personal profile] beccastareyes's minicon01.
game! received fengshui08 and maiden11 from Conan's Clues 151.
recycled art! received mini04, mini07, mini09, mini12, mini13, mini18, minicon03, minicon05, minicon08, and orthopedics14 for the week of 7/9.
game! received agna16, blueeyes05, and gunjou12 from Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 152.
game! received alkahestry19, bear19, and ero-cook05 from Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 149.
game! received asleep19, power04, silhouettes16, sin06, and a blue crayon from Beauty Pageant 64.
trade! traded pluto15 for [personal profile] secretambition's collected06.
trade! traded eccentric05 for [personal profile] fall's kritya12.

trade! traded blueeyes05 for [personal profile] tempestuously's blastia01.
trade! traded bodyguard15 for [personal profile] surskit's puppeteer16.

game! received ae8609 and excalibur05 from Conan's Clues 152.
trade! traded nyoro04 and a purple crayon for [personal profile] moes's samuraicat16 and green crayon.
trade! traded agna16 for [personal profile] syodii's bubblebeam11.
botb! received deer17, donuts14, miracle11, phoenix17, renegade03, and text08 from Colors Musical Playground Round 1.
trade! traded an orange crayon for [personal profile] barda's green crayon.
trade! traded a red crayon for [personal profile] ivoryandhorn's yellow crayon.
trade! traded silhouettes16 for [personal profile] magikarp's academy16.

trade! traded a red crayon and a blue crayon for [personal profile] mori's two yellow crayons.
art shop! received answer04, helpful02, and a yellow crayon for completing a sketchpad.
game! received bokken06, capture14, chivalry17, citro18, forest03, ophiuchus06, and piccolo17 from Colors Quiz Round 7.
trade! traded thieves14 for [personal profile] glossological's knife19.
trade! traded mako08 for [personal profile] adurotum's farseer20.
trade! traded donuts14 and sexfavors09 for [personal profile] yanyan's hydrangea04 and pulse16.
trade! traded capture14 for [personal profile] tempestuously's farseer13.
game! switched conflicted02 for hamha18 and a purple crayon at Switch It Up 75.
mastery! received knife02, hydrangea04, strongest18, and an orange crayon for mastering academy.

trade! traded godofdeath08 for [personal profile] truebluespark's cubes19.

trade! traded collected06 and nanodesu17 for [personal profile] rubatosis's items17 and lumberjack19.
trade! traded heal14 for [personal profile] lanvaldear's 1802.
trade! traded christianity08 for [personal profile] totling's farseer07.
trade! traded chivalry17 for [personal profile] tadakatsu's magical09.
art shop! received academy11, academy12, academy13, academy14, academy15, academy17, and academy18 for turning in seven yellow crayons.
trade! traded fontech11, swimmer17 for [personal profile] nepetan's whip10 and whip12.
recycled art! received magatama05, minicon09, minicon11, minicon13, minicon14, minicon16, minicon17, skyjack18, and tune03 for the week of 7/16 (one remaining).
recycled art! received niceboat16, phobia04, pyrokinesis14, sake15, sake16, sake17, sake18, unique, and yakisoba01 for the week of 7/23 (one remaining).
art exchange! exchanged haicopy19, joker03, and resentment04 for academy19.
trade! traded counselor04 for [personal profile] skaldadottir's autozam11.

game! received break01, carpetbomb13, excellion04, and iaigeri11 from Crosswords 60.
trade! traded bladerang17, haiku08, ocean08, and power04 for [personal profile] shinsengumi's air07, interested18, magical10, and magical18.

art shop! received caring18, hyakkaiyakou06, and a brown crayon for completing a sketchpad.
game! received steak11, toxic07, and voice12 from Seiyuu Guess 131.
trade! traded alkahestry19 for [personal profile] despedia's steak04.
trade! traded seiyuu04 for [personal profile] fall's banana06.
trade! traded 1stchild13 for [personal profile] gammacrank's kritya09.
level up! received academy20, einstein13, yo-yo04, and a red crayon.
game! received ae8611, golem09, jojo08, knife03, pheromone10, supportive10, turkey03, wildflower20, and a brown crayon from Colors Quiz Round 8.
game! received knife05, knife06, knife09, knife10, two orange crayons, a blue crayon, and a brown crayon from the final Colors Quiz results.
special donation! received capsule15, diamonddust13, tenbuhorin18, and unwavering01 for adding 19 decks to the database.
trade! traded samuraicat16 for [personal profile] sinew's cetra13.
game! received bodyguard11, koutei13, and nazcaa19 from Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 154.
trade! traded hydrangea04 for [personal profile] secretambition's 8-bit06.
trade! traded oni16 for [personal profile] estamir's brash20.
trade! traded mansion16 for [personal profile] skaldadottir's stardust03.
trade! traded citro18 for [personal profile] inarticulate's contests08.
trade! traded bokken06 for [personal profile] acropolis's hope09.

trade! traded beastman02 for [personal profile] ankari's escape20.
trade! traded cyber08 for [personal profile] karayan's cuarta14.
trade! traded tristan12 for [personal profile] puppydere's gunblade10.
trade! traded forest03 for [personal profile] netbug009's 8-bit01.
trade! traded highspirited16 for [personal profile] prisma's witch16.
trade! traded yellow11 for [personal profile] dialny's courage19.
trade! traded lionheart20 for [personal profile] totling's data07.
trade! traded ero-cook05, general12, and killerbee10 for [personal profile] phibby's idol09, mini14, and mini20.
trade! traded bubblebeam11 for [personal profile] aaveplsgo's rhythmia07.
trade! traded perm08 for [personal profile] blood's mobile07.
trade! traded scar19 for [personal profile] tempestuously's blastia10.
game! received information13, model09, and pinzu11 from Quilting 50.
game! received bunnydoll11, ember18, sister12, and soup16 from Pick a Color 76.
recycled art! received hello03 and hello07 for the weeks of 7/16 and 7/23.
trade! traded experiments12 for [personal profile] lanvaldear's nightmare01.

signature! received three copies of signature.
trade! traded sister12 for [personal profile] frogberri's nightmare12.
trade! traded cuarta14 for [personal profile] maesterlicious's cetra14.
game! received deck19, driving05, marshmallow09, and possessive18 from Pokeradar 154.
trade! traded interested18 and two blue crayons for [personal profile] barda's mobile05, swordswoman07, and watergun16.
pot of gold! received admiral07, amarcian06, aurora19, calm07, china14, cleaver11, coldblooded07, corn10, cursedseal14, dense12, detached20, dice18, glassheart12, hitsuzen16, kalina01, lovespells13, negi17, newrecruit10, outlook01, outsider09, peach17, playboy13, posh20, seychelles10, snakes10, squats08, tartarus12, thehero17, tomb10, umibozu01, vampirecat13, witch03, zanarkand08, an orange crayon, and a brown crayon for July.
trade! traded hairclips07 for [personal profile] triacedia's 8-bit16.
game! received america10, harpielady15, petal04, and saga19 from Beauty Pageant 65.

trade! traded thunder11 for [personal profile] prisma's magic16.
trade! traded wildflower20 for [personal profile] harukami's solar11.
trade! traded harpielady15 for [personal profile] yanyan's caduceus18.
trade! traded hydrangea04 for [personal profile] poland's gangleader10.
trade! traded meister10 for [personal profile] adurotum's sopheria07.
trade! traded outlook01 for [personal profile] ankari's knife15.
art shop! received brickbreak01, idiot20, tophat06, and a purple crayon for turning in a red crayon and a brown crayon and completing a sketchpad.
trade! traded possessive18 and swordswoman07 for [personal profile] needles's caduceus06 and gramarye17.
trade! traded playboy13 for [personal profile] lanvaldear's knife14.
colors league! received cain03, girly03, guild03, sake01, and transform18 from BOTB Round 2.
trade! traded alias20 for [personal profile] magikarp's knife16.
colors league! received childhood07, cr-s0114, heybo04, poor01, and a brown crayon from BOTB Round 4.
trade! traded maiden11 for [personal profile] utsuwa's dollie06.
trade! traded distant17, flirtatious15, and lemu01 for [personal profile] nidoking's oceanwave08, popular03, and skyjack15.
colors league! turned in brickbreak01 and ember18 for 20faces09, bokken12, buttercup08, orbit14, piccolo09, and reckless01 at BOTB Round 1.

release post! received guertena18, grace04, loveletter07, prison08, seeress01, undying01, urn02, vinea20, and warlock01 for August.
trade! traded dice18, gangleader10, and submissive17 for [personal profile] chikky's 1806, 1811, and 1818.
trade! traded lungs08 for [personal profile] eclair's unlucky17.
trade! traded fengshui08 for [personal profile] ivoryandhorn's hizoku20.
trade! traded sultry15 for [personal profile] lluvia's drei06.
trade! traded witch03 for [personal profile] saraniya's fashion03.
trade! traded snowfield20 for [personal profile] unlocks's cr-s0107.
trade! traded lorelei08 for [personal profile] gammacrank's alter03.
trade! traded umibozu01 and urn02 for [personal profile] barda's items05 and warlock05.
trade! traded grace04 for [personal profile] roserade's alter01.
trade! traded loveletter07 for [personal profile] needles's warlock02.
trade! traded seeress01 and undying01 for [personal profile] lanvaldear's alter04 and warlock04.
trade! traded prison08 for [personal profile] rosa's warlock06.
trade! traded vinea20 for [personal profile] yanyan's warlock03.
trade! traded a purple crayon for [personal profile] anotherheaven's alter02.

trade! traded outsider09 and vampirecat13 for [personal profile] surskit's androgyunous10 and distant09.
trade! traded four brown crayons for [personal profile] roserade's child17, lorelei01, ruin14, and green crayon.
level up! received block18, confrontal12, knife11, and a purple crayon.
game! received cipher20 and heir07 from Pick a Color 77.
game! received control05, esp15, irondragon07, and janina16 from Pokeradar 155.
game! received feel08, jintan17, and ladiesman03 from Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 157.
game! received charismatic16 and hamlet09 from Conan's Clues 157.
game! received gamble14 and popular02 from Neku's Music Station 157.

trade! traded witch16 for [personal profile] empanadas's babied17.
trade! traded america10 for [personal profile] surskit's mace11.
trade! traded capsule15 for [personal profile] tempestuously's trainer01.
trade! traded razril14 for [personal profile] gammacrank's popular14.
trade! traded excellion04 for [personal profile] eclair's alter05.
trade! traded 20faces09 and reckless01 for [personal profile] psithurism's eighth08 and untouchable20.
scrapbook poll! received capturer17, loveme20, and touch14.
trade! traded snakes10 for [personal profile] despedia's sake06.
game! received april18, memorized07, and spot-billed10 from Reading Between the Lines 74.
game! received gekidasa09, screams19, and theater16 from Host Club Giveaway 69.
game! received military01 from Go Fish! 141.
game! received starsinger01 and yellow05 from Conan's Clues 158.
colors league! turned in epsilon09, useless18, and yakisoba01 for animus09, ballerina20, fuhrer09, oceanwave14, spoiled15, and worthy07 at BOTB Round 5.
game! received charismatic11, chat03, firetornado03, overpower17, and primo04 from Pick a Color 78.
game! received hymmeli06, idol09, and ironfist09 from Quilting 52.
colors league! received babbit20, crest11, curepine09, faith09, gungnir19, ordinary20, romeo19, swordswoman19, teapot14, train16, a yellow crayon, a green crayon, and a purple crayon for coming 4th in BOTB.
colors league! received blackswan04, reiki01, saillune06, tattoo16, and wushu07 from BOTB Round 16.

trade! traded hymmeli06 for [personal profile] estamir's idol19.
trade! traded watergun16 for [personal profile] netbug009's swimmer06.
trade! traded orbit14 for [personal profile] majou's clone15.
game! received network07, pillar14, and tarot04 from Seiyuu Guess 134.
game! received loyalty10 and nude20 from Conan's Clues 159.
colors league! received athletic06, kalina09, nirvash01, reckless08, starsinger04, and tarot16 from BOTB Round 12.
game! switched charismatic11 for lightspeed18 at Switch It Up 77.
game! received fulfill15, pink01, and villager05 from Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 159.
game! received manipulate09, rainfell18, and xiv07 from Reading Between the Lines 75.
game! received muga02 and spatial05 from Host Club Giveaway 70.
game! received 7thheaven19, finland14, heian10, and nova19 from Crosswords 63.
game! received focus12 and shiro15 from Pokeradar 158.
game! received hyakume17 and singer07 from Pokeradar 156.
colors league! received blues02, bubbly14, deny12, dux01, gakuen10, heybo15, janina12, kaminome14, poor08, royalty01, scientific14, twentyone20, a green crayon, and a gray crayon from BOTB Round 13.
game! received dominance16, platinum11, ussocom06, yeast14, and a blue crayon from Beauty Pageant 66.
trade! traded tattoo16 for [personal profile] fall's cetra11.
trade! traded crest11 and screams19 for [personal profile] maesterlicious's fashion10 and profiler17.
trade! traded admiral07 for [personal profile] gon's backlace08.
trade! traded teapot14 for [personal profile] commandant's emotion06.
trade! traded swordswoman19 for [personal profile] hiba's appearance08.
colors league! received priestess02, spiritmagic05, and y-ko06 from BOTB Round 7.
colors league! received 30yearsold02, bravior12, chat05, conductor18, and flask19 from BOTB Round 9.
release post! received crocodile01, freestyle07, irises14, littleevil07, longdau13, remaining19, samezuka05, survive04, and yanderes17 for September.
bonus! received knife13 from the September release.
trade! traded littleevil07 for [personal profile] lluvia's phones18.
trade! traded 7thheaven19 for [personal profile] rubatosis's mini03.

trade! traded babied17 and freestyle07 for [personal profile] surskit's sos04 and green crayon.
trade! traded irises14, starsinger01, and starsinger04 for [personal profile] utsuwa's clow01, kritya17, and scan09.
trade! traded samezuka05 for [personal profile] moon_wolf's skyjack08.
trade! traded feel08 for [personal profile] ankari's banana20.
trade! traded singer07, spiritmagic05, and swimmer06 for [personal profile] nyxnoxbox's cannon02, emotion07, and starfish20.
trade! traded helpful02, ironfish09, and scientific14 for [personal profile] admiral's courage02, keyblade13, and mini01.
trade! traded ballerina20 for [personal profile] aestivalis's untouchable12.

trade! traded information13, longdau13, spoiled15, and train16 for [personal profile] cautiousardent's border07, comnet06, pawpad08, and thunderbolt08.
trade! traded block18 for [personal profile] divinized's cr-s0106.
trade! traded crocodile01 for [personal profile] prisma's magic14.
trade! traded remaining19 for [personal profile] fall's sopheria19.
colors league! received bloodhound02, gekko20, hello15, roseprince05, sonati16, and un-sorcerer08 from BOTB Round 11.
trade! traded idol09 for [personal profile] oktarose's minicon07.
trade! traded heian10 and sin06 for [personal profile] arilyn9's alternate10 and blackcat01.
recycled art! received mini01, moe10, outsider10, pipi01, small11, and small12 for the week of 9/21.
game! received seminary11 and summoner16 from Pokeradar 159.
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